Awards Overview

Let's Celebrate Small Businesses, MSMEs & Entrepreneurs

The MSME India Business Awards 2021 is the perfect stage for you to stand out and shine with your accomplishments in the business world. It is a place where all your hard work, passion, dedication, and determination are recognized before everyone in India. Furthermore, it is the perfect opportunity to materialize your outreach campaigns for attracting many more perspective clients, employees, and partners. 

The MSME India Business Awards 2021 is designed to recognize and applaud the contribution that small business owners provide to India’s economy. Because the SME industry plays such a crucial role in India’s economy, we want to provide our support and recognition to the entrepreneurs who work hard in making their small businesses a success. 

Indian entrepreneurs are more than just business owners of a successful company. They are the innovators of our country. Through their flourishing businesses, they push our economy to the next level and are what our communities are structured on.

Awards Objective

  • – To celebrate the best in Indian MSME, Small Business & Entrepreneur Industry
  • – To recognize industry practices that are geared towards customer requirements and consumer satisfaction
  • – To recognize the initiatives and business formats that have contributed to the MSMEs growth
  • – To reward innovations in the business sector
  • – To celebrate the changemakers and innovators across various segments

Nomination Fee

  • Nomination fee of INR 5,000 + GST will be charged per category
  • (Fee Includes One Award Nomination & 2 invitations to attend the Convention)

Last Date of Nomination

3rd December 2021 is the last date to file your nomination

Still Wondering, Why Nominate?

  • – Winning at the MSME India Business Awards can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers via extensive promotions
  • – Awards will be presented live on the virtual platform, Facebook & YouTube in front of 1000+ Industry leaders
  • – The winners will be presented with a trophy and certificate which will be delivered to their offices.
  • – Entering enables you to benefit from the partner network of the awards which will be utilized to promote all the winners.
  • – A win acts as a 3rd party endorsement for your business, thus becoming a really positive way of differentiating yourself from your competitors
  • – The trust and credibility that comes with the awards recognition can play a key part in a potential new customer’s decision to choose you.

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria for classification of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises. Revised Classification applicable w.e.f 1st July 2020

Composite Criteria: Investment in Plant & Machinery/equipment and Annual Turnover


Manufacturing Enterprises and Enterprises rendering Services


Investment in Plant and Machinery or Equipment:
Not more than Rs.1 crore and Annual Turnover ; not more than Rs. 5 crore


Investment in Plant and Machinery or Equipment:
Not more than Rs.10 crore and Annual Turnover ; not more than Rs. 50 crore


Investment in Plant and Machinery or Equipment:
Not more than Rs.50 crore and Annual Turnover ; not more than Rs. 250 crore